13 Reasons Why…and Why I like the Book over the Netflix Series

Before I get into this, no, I haven’t watched all thirteen episodes of the Netflix series. I’m only on episode three. For those of you who have seen it then you know what I meant to say was I’m on Tape 2, Side A. I heard about this show for some time now and I wanted to watch it but put it off for two reasons. One, I wanted to watch other things and two I wanted to read the book first. I wonder how many people know that this series, this series that has been tweeted so much in 2017 comes from a book. The more you know, am I right?

Anyway, I got the book on audio because that’s how I can get through my work day, by listening to books and I loved what I was listening to. The narration, how everything flowed. It was a great listen and I’m sure if I had a hard copy it would be a great read. The book more than anything didn’t glorify suicide as some people are saying but to me it highlighted the fact that we need to be aware of the signs around us. Hannah Baker showed signs that she was in trouble. That’s what the book was about for me. Yes, she committed suicide (not ruining anything. You find that out early on for those who want to be surprised) but she didn’t have to if things didn’t ‘snowball’ out of control. 

Since I finished the book it was time to start watching the series so I started and right away I started yelling at the television. Why? Because it wasn’t like the book. Now, I am not a noob. I know that television and movies have liberty and they have to change things up. I expect that. I’ve seen many book to tv/movies so I know what needs to be done. I guess I just didn’t expect so much of it to be different in this case. 

The series does look like it strongly takes its material from the book which is good but then it starts to drift in the direction they want to go and I’m just end up screaming “No, why. We don’t need that right now.” Case in point (and if you haven’t seen the series skip past this part right now. I’m about to spoil) when Clay is in the park and Tony pulls up and tells Clay that he is almost ready for side two I just blinked. If you have read the book then you know Tony and Clay do not have the interaction about the tape or even the cassette player that Clay stole until they are at the little diner. 

I get it. Have to make it interesting. Have to stretch it all out because as I read today there is going to be a season two of this series. I can only wonder what that season will be about besides just exploring the feelings of the people who are on the tape, as if they aren’t doing that now. Showing us what they are thinking, showing us that they sit in pool houses getting high. 

So now the question is will I finish the series. Can I finish it? I can and I will but not to find out what happened to Hannah. How these people affected her. I read the book. I loved the book. I know what happens. I am going to watch it to see how much they changed. How much they altered to make each episode 57 minutes long. 

Watching all these changes makes me happy I read the book because I can see the story for how it was supposed to be told. How the author envisioned his work. I can applaud his thought process. I only wish other’s can reveal in it as I did. To see the meaning behind the obvious. 

Well, I have that out of my system. I guess it’s time to press play. Tape 2…side A. 

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