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Barnes and Noble move over.

A new bookstore is about to sprout up from the ground and take over all of book-dom. Okay, that’s not a word but go with it.

Amazon, the biggest retail giant. Known for selling everything including the kitchen sink has decided to open brick and mortar stores. Okay, store, there is only one store so far, in the University Village area of Seattle, but I’m sure if it does well it won’t be long before we see stores popping up across the fifty states. 

According to Amazon, this store will not be your traditional book store. The complete opposite. They are going to be a station to push their products and introduce readers to authors who have shown continued success on the Amazon website.  In addition to books, the Amazon store will offer a place for customers to try out Amazon devices such as Kindle, Echo, Fire TV, and Fire Tablet gadgets. This is similar to what is done in Apple and Barnes & Noble stores currently. 

Amazon will use data from its web site like customer ratings, sales totals, and Goodread popularity ratings to decide which books to stock. Knowing this, it is important to always provide reviews to authors whose books are currently on the website. It could make the difference between an author remaining on the website or moving into the hands of others in their store. 

As a long time Amazon fan I am happy to see them moving forward and making a staple in an area that is new to them, physically. Amazon has been a place buy books but for the first time you can actually walk into a store for them and pick up your book personally. 

The big question I have on my mind is will this last? Amazon’s store is going up against Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble is dangerous, in a good way. How many people remember the book store Borders? I used to go to this store faithfully. I loved this store. Yes, it was a book store just like Barnes & Noble but if I had to choose between the two that’s where I was. It went up against Barnes & Noble and fell apart. Barnes & Noble crushed it until it evaporated into thin air.

Is that what will happen to Amazon? Hard to say. Many people are moving toward digital devices but there are people who love to get a hard copy of a book. They love it and that will never change. Barnes & Noble doesn’t look like it’s going  anywhere. Amazon is treading into uncharted territory. They have a large following but how large as it relates to books? Will people want to drive to a store to purchase a book that they can easily buy online and get in two days with Prime Shipping? It’s kind of strange. I have never ordered a book online for Barnes and Noble and enjoyed going into the store and getting that fresh book smell. Amazon has always been the place to go when you don’t feel like getting out of your pajamas but still want to buy a book. Now they are switching the game up.

I will definitely be paying attention to this one to see how Amazon does. I’d like to see a store pop up in two of my favorite spots, New York City and California so I can check it out. 

Readers and Authors alike welcome Amazon to the brick and mortar world. All eyes are on you. Show us what you can do. 


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