Benefits of a Virtual Book Tour


Book Tour. Two words that every author, big or small, has heard in one form or another. 

When you think of doing a book tour your mind might immediately flash to the way they were doing (and is currently doing) for some time which is a publisher getting their client media spotlight for their book. Authors could look forward to appearing on different news outlets, whether that’s on television or in print or personal tours where authors would appear in brick and mortar stores to promote their work. Authors all over the world want to get their books in the hands of many to enjoy and with the turn of the century and the boom of the internet book tours of the past have changed into the wave of the future. 

Virtual Book Tour, what is it? Well, a virtual book tour is a book tour done online. Authors will submit their work for review on various blogs hosted by writers who either love to read, love to post to their blog or both.  There are various stops along the book tour where different bloggers will showcase the pros and cons of the book or just give their overall opinion. Outside of just the book review, potential readers of a writer’s blog is also given the opportunity to know the writer through Q&A’s, and insight into who the author is. 

As a book blogger myself (Read my book reviews here) for the Virtual Book Tour group, Book Bear and as the author of Illusion of the Heart I have an understanding of both worlds. In today’s society, the internet is everything. No matter the genre, readers and writer’s alike look to the internet to get their voices heard. Those voices may be via a blog post or a three hundred page book but both sides ultimately want the same things. 

For anyone on the fence, whether they should or shouldn’t invest in doing a virtual book tour, here are some benefits of doing one:

1.  You can reach thousands of new readers a day. 

Each blogger has their share of follows, whether it’s on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc… That’s a lot of new faces that otherwise might not have heard of your book. Doing the virtual book tour gives you exposure in places you might not have otherwise had on your own. 

 2. Three words: Word of Mouth

This is one of the most popular ways to get yourself noticed. If one person loves your work they will spread it and even if they didn’t like it, their opinion can be valuable to someone who wants to “see for themselves”. In either case you are cast in the light of viewers for your work. 

3. Reviews, Reviews, and more Reviews.

Those who do the book tour can also give you reviews for your work on various sites from Amazon, Apple, etc…

 4. You can do and watch the tour from home

Best part ever! Okay, not the best part but it is important. You can monitor it all from where ever you like. You can talk with your reviewers and interact with various people.

So what do you think? Would you ever do a virtual book tour? Have you done one previously? Let me know. 

Looking to drop a book tour for my novel, Illusions of the Heart. When it gets started I’ll share it, of course. 


Currently, I have a promotion for my book starting Saturday December 19th through December 23rd for $0.99 on Amazon so check it out for the holidays!


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