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As someone who was born and raised in New York, any chance I can get to read or review a book by a author from the city or a book with the city in the title I jump on. I don’t know. It’s just how I am I guess. That’s what I was excited to read this installment by author Stephen Leather, New York Night. The title grabbed me in more ways then one. Firstly, the title was a play on words in my mind. One thing you always hear about New York City is the fact that you can get things done in a New York Minute. Swapping out Minute with Night takes me to a place of knowing something is about to happen in night, maybe more nights. No way to tell until I’ve read the book. Second, any book that is a thriller is something that I know I’ll enjoy since I am a fan of them so that led me even further to read the book. 

New York Night is the sixth book on the Nightingale series. I will be honest. I haven’t read the other five in the series but I can tell you that this book can be read as a standalone and I will be going to read the other five because the sixth is just that good.  

In New Your Night, we are with ex-police Jack Nightingale. Being a police officer, even an ex-cop shows his ability to detect and look at things from a different scope. What I enjoyed about the character is the fact that his skills are sharp but he is just like anyone else. He has a fear of elevators, his disposition when people mistake him for another culture entirely and how he deals with  His fear of elevators, his desperation when he gets mistaken for an Australian, and the way he conducts himself when talking to a demon made me like him more and more.

Jack Nightingale has left his life and friends and UK and move to USA, due to mitigating circumstances, to be the minion of Wainwright. Wainwright is a very much so  paranormal fanatic who right off the bat doesn’t look like a character that can be trusted.  Jack, our private investigator, is looking into a series of murders where the victim has a strange demonic seal which is used to summon demons.

Wainwright, who cannot recognize the symbols, pushes Jack to fights based on the fact that the suspicions could mean something as it relates to the connection. See, not a good character. Controlled by demons, teenagers are  seducing and cheating their preys into a trap, all part of growing up in a twisted sort of way. With so much going on it’s up to Jack to figure things out and set them right before things continuously goes to Hell. 

From beginning to end this book will draw you in and push you toward finding out what happens next. If you love crime books with a splash of supernatural then grab your copy by visiting the sites below. 



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