Book Review – The Children of Darkness



The Children of Darkness if a dystopian unlike any other. Author David Litwack  examines theocracy  and how can be lost. He also gets the reader to answer the question on whether it is better to have the freedom to think for oneself or whether safety and security is the best approach. 

This is a dystopian fiction is set a thousand years in the future where society is devoid of technology.  As a lover of technology, this fact has my attention as I couldn’t imagine living without my cell phone or computer but I digress. The story makes it so that basic things such as maps have been banned. The populace has decided to return to a very simple way of living. This is called the time before “The Darkness.”  
Everyone  who resides here lives by the rules of “The Temple of Light.” which is the belief that the Vicars and The Temple keep the Darkness from returning by using what is known as “temple magic.”

What is the truth? Well, I’m not going to spoil it for all of you but you will want to find out. Trust me!  
The stars of this vivacious novel are Orah, Nathaniel and Thomas who have all been friends since childhood. All three live in the tiny community of Little Pond. When Orah is sent out of the city to receive a “teaching”, Nathaniel decides to go after her to save her from those “teachings” which are said to cause harm to all those who’ve had them previously but he is captured and placed in prison. Awaiting the fate of his friends, a secret is revealed to Nathaniel that has the potential to change the world forever.

David Litwack has created a world that is vivid and written with stunning detail that creates a new religion and shows fiction through beings wanting to understand how to deal with good versus evil.


Don’t miss out on this dystopian page turner. Grab your copy now below and check out the Q&A with the author of The Children of the Darkness, David Litwack.



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