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    Goosebumps v.s. The Babysitters Club (BSC)

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    I can honestly say that when I was a child I did not see myself where I am today, a writer, a published author, someone who is doing something that originated through love of putting words on paper (and soon a computer once we got one). When I look back this Thursday I consider two book collections that went on in my household. I doubt it was a competition…per say…but my sister and I had our own collections of our beloved books.


    • Author: R.L.Stine
    • Genre: Children fiction, horror, thriller
    • Series Began: 1992
    • Total # of books in original series: 63


    I posted this on Twitter (follow if you’re not already ;)) but I’ll say it again. My collection was Goosebumps. Hands down one of the best book collection I EVER had. I’ve posted stories of my ventures toward buying this book on a bi-weekly basis (or how I thought the time frame was for books). I can honestly, and proudly, say I collected every single book in this collection. My favorite was of course the one Night of the Living Dummy. Slappy made me Happy! No, seriously, he was the dummy (no offense, Slappy) that had not one, not two, but three books dedicated to him. He was on point, evil, but on point. This past Monday I went to see the Goosebumps movie and I enjoyed it. No spoilers, of course, I enjoyed it. Is that a bias thought? Probably but R.L. Stine is a big part of my life, even though I doubt he will ever know that. 



    The Babysitters Club

    • Author: Ann M Martin
    • Genre: Children fiction, horror, thriller
    • Series Began: 1986
    • Total # of books in original series: 131

    This was my sister’s book collection. She also collected all of them. I myself did not read these books. I skimmed them once in a while but I was too busy lost in horror to think about a club of girls who babysit. I’m not knocking this collection because it was a collection that was just as big as Goosebumps. Since I didn’t read the books I couldn’t offer much of a synopsis but here goes: The Baby Sitters Club (BSC) is about a group of middle school students living in the town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut. They run a business called “The Baby-Sitters Club” which helps parents find babysitters. The club starts out with four members named Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, and Stacey McGill.


    Have you collected either one of these books? Did you have a collection of your own that you loved as a child? For the love of books, let me know below. 


    Thought of the Day – Step Out of your Comfort Zone



    My initial thought when I created this blog was just a place to write whatever I wanted when I wanted. I enjoy doing that but I’m looking to re-evaluate myself and what my blog can become. Once I published my book, I took that as my way to speak out on how I reached that platform and I still have a lot of posts to do in order to give the full details. 

    Now I’m looking toward what my next sought after path will be as it relates to what I do. On Saturday, October 10th, I went to a writing conference and received great advice on what I can do to get myself out there. 

    One of the main things spoken was asking to do blog posts for other blogs or to have other people provide a post to your blog. I had thought of that before but I never thought it was something I could do. That was my mistake. The worse thing someone could say to you is no but the best thing they can say is yes. 

    Since we are coming up on Nanowrimo, the best time of the year, mind you, I am making sure I am very active on the blog. Last year I dabbled a bit. It was my first year, wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I am diving in so I am doing something I didn’t do before.

    Second, I plan on offering myself up to book reviews, get that going again, but this time seek out those authors and ask them if they wouldn’t mind if I read and reviewed their work. I may even thought in an interview here and there. I think that can give up and coming, as well as seasoned, authors a way to get their voice heard. 

    I am really considering all avenues and want to not only show myself that there is a lot more that I can do but to help others have a place where they can speak and be seen. 

    I may be comfortable doing certain things but it’s time I change all of that and look to help others. Who knows, that may also help me as well. We all learn from each other, in some way or another.


    Thought of the day – Writing is SO easy.


    My first reaction when I hear someone say writing is easy is to laugh. My second reaction is this:350px-Lilyu_-_what.svg

    There really is no need to say more then that but I will since everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

    If writing was so easy then everyone would do it. You would sit in front of a computer or in front of a notebook and just let all of the little thoughts in your head flow into a master piece. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are people who can actually do this and I tip my hat off to them. I don’t know this to be true but I can imagine this type of style to be best used by the likes of J.K. Rowling or Stephen King.

    Now, I don’t know if it’s true or not but I am sure that they were new writers at some point in their lives. They might have struggled to come up with character names, plots, chapter titles etc. I don’t know for certain but what I do know is writing takes a lot of work. 

    Half of that work is all about your thoughts. You will think about your characters, what they are doing or not doing and how they will impact the story. The other half of this is visualization. To be able to see what you are thinking is an amazing feeling. If you’ve never experienced it, give it a try. Think of an apple and then see it in your mind. Maybe that apple has a worm in it, who knows. I know. I know. Too easy. Ha!

    Visualization, to me, is my own personally movie that only I can see. The only problem is when you want to take what you see in your head and put that into words. Words can always turn into a picture but sometimes not the other way around. Readers some times cannot see what you want them to and you know what, in some cases, that’s okay. Maybe you write a character who in your head has fair skin and black hair. A reader will pick up your book and see someone with dark skin and brown hair, especially if you do not provide specifics.  Always visualize when you can just be careful when you do it. Don’t do it while driving, I mean, c’mon now, really?

    Writing takes practice, love and enjoyment. It is as far from easy as can be. If you think I’m making that up, give it a shot. You never know what you’ll come up with. 

    I’m Estelle. These are my thoughts and I’m sticking to them. 




    Thought of the Day – Can’t v.s. Can?


    The first post in thought of the day goes to distinguishing the can’t from the can’s. Better known as the can not from the can do. 

    If there is one word that people tend to use on a regular basis is ‘can’t’. “I can’t…” “We can’t…” “She can’t…” “He can’t…”

    I won’t lie. I’ve used the word countless times so I’m not perfect, nor am I saying you shouldn’t use the word. Use the word. It just depends on WHEN you use the word.

    If there is something that you are unable to do based on a physical incapability then I can understand that. Like, if I asked you to lift a 2015 Honda you probably can’t do it. Maybe if this was a moment of fight or flight but I digress  😀

    But if you are using this word, can’t, for things that are within your control then that’s where I’m going to need you to take a moment to pause and reflect. 

    The word, can’t, should never be used in relation to your dreams. If you want to do something in life then do it. Sure, sure, you may say that there are things that can stop you from following your dreams so you have to say that word. Things like not enough money, no one to help you get to where you want to go. Those are good but you should never let anything hold you back from what you want to do.

    If money is an issue then hit the web, research a way to make money (legally of course. Let’s not loose our dreams for doing foolishness) and even if you are making a dollar or less a day in extra money, that’s still a dollar or less more then you had before. Find people who share the same interest as you who might know someone who can help you move forward. We live in an age where the web is first and foremost (sad but true) so you can always find someone who shares almost the same likes as you, if not your complete likes. 

    Following your dreams will take time. There is no miracle to make time go faster but don’t let that word can’t hold you back. Instill in your mind that you can become a author, you can become an artist, you can become someone that you want to be. 

    Reverse your can’t to can and you’ll not only feel a huge accomplishment in your life but you’ll never want to go back to that word again…unless it slips out every now and then and if that’s the case just put on your most innocent face and say “Oops!”


    I’m Estelle. These are my thoughts and I’m sticking to them!