‘Drinkable Book’ Created to Filter Water



Yes, you read that right!

A book has been produced that’s coined as a ‘drinkable book.’ What is a drinkable book? It is a book that has treated paper that can remove harmful bacteria from water. You can read the full article by clicking on the photo above.

When I read the article, the title alone was interesting. The first thought that came to mind was similar to the television, Seinfeld, where Kramer produced a book about coffee tables. The thing about his book was that if you didn’t have a coffee table then the book itself could transform into an actual coffee table. 

We now have a book that has pages that can be used to help people get clean water in different parts of the world. Let’s be real here. The water is not sky blue. It’s dirty and there are areas where the water is not consumable. How many times have you been on vacation to a desolate place and someone says “don’t drink the water”? I  had a cousin travel to Africa. She brought her own bottle water (This was years ago before the scrutiny of what is carried on an aircraft) 

This is a wonderful break through as it can help millions of people benefit from a clean source of hydration. According to the article, one page can clean up to 100 liters of water. A single book could filter one person’s water supply for four years. 

It works by tearing out a sheet of the paper, putting it in a filter holder and pouring water onto it. To know that people have an option to get filtered water without the use of a Brita water filter just shows you that there is creativity even when you least expect it. 

I think what I love most about it is how simple it is. It isn’t difficult to follow. Tear a page and pour water over it. Anyone can use it and that’s the purpose for it. I hope to see this as an essential item provided for people in smaller countries to enjoy and to finally enjoy the non fragrant taste of water. 


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