First Draft Manuscript – 90,000 Words



On November 1st I embarked on a journey with fellow NaNoWriMo writes to write at least 50,000 word novel. Although I did reach the minimum word count my novel was not complete. I tried to finish it completely in the months’ time but that was not to be. That brings me to today.

Since the end of NaNoWriMo I have continued writing. I gave up my lunch at work and after work raced to the nearest Starbucks to secure a table close to a working outlet. Now, I didn’t write every single day. I skipped some days in the afternoon and maybe a lunch or two but for the most part in the month of December I was dedicated to writing. That was while juggling a full time job and full time graduate school.

After two months and over 90,000 words I can finally, with a smile on my face, that I have completed the first draft of my manuscript. This is a huge accomplishment for me because I know it is the first step toward my dream of becoming published.

I want to take a break. Dust my hands together and say “okay, I’m done” and from what I have read on blogs and webinars, taking time off is key. However, I have never been the type to ignore things that matter. Writing brings me joy and takes away the burden of reality.

So then that begs the question: What’s my next step(s)?

 I will work on editing the manuscript because I already know that there are scenes that I want to redo. I am excited that I have completed my first draft but, call me crazy, I am more excited about what is to come regarding editing by myself and friends, professional editing and review and then creating the next stages in order to get my book to the masses.

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