Illusions of the Heart Full Synopsis

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Here is the full synopsis:

The turbulent lives of six people are inexorably intertwined during a reporter’s hunt for the truth, a model’s struggle to understand her mysterious new man, and her brother’s attempt to keep his personal life from splashing across the pages of the tabloids. New York City truly is the city that never sleeps.

Tamara Archer is an independent woman and a voluptuous model. Her life is thrown into disarray when a mysterious and persistent suitor convinces her to get to know him better. He can talk the talk and he has the bank roll to walk the walk but Tamara can’t figure him out. She moved to the city from Atlanta and she has been in control of her own life up until this point. Did she get in too deep with this man she doesn’t even know?

Imani Chiver is a respected and successful investigative reporter at the city’s top gossip magazine. She shares an apartment with Tamara and the two women are good friends. Her daily routine is upended by a pressing assignment that the entertainment world is talking about: the identity of super model Vanessa Andrews’ new lover. After hitting a brick wall time and time again with her long-time friend and boss she gets a break. Will her history with her boss stand in the way of her search for the truth?

Leon Archer is Tamara’s overprotective older brother. On a whim, he takes a flight to New York to check up on his sister but Tamara and her roommate suspect he has an ulterior motive. Sharing his secret with no one, Leon struggles to keep his history private before an opportunistic reporter blows the story wide open. Amid rising tensions between his sister’s new man and his friend Imani’s inquisitive boss can Leon protect himself and save his relationship with his younger sister at the same time?

Illusions of the Heart is a new romantic thriller from breakout writer Estelle Chisolm. She paints a picture filled with emotive and vibrant characters who have lived their lives doing the best they can the only way they know how. Set with the backdrop of the ever-changing ebb and flow of New York City, Illusions of the Heart is a romantic thriller full of steamy suspense that will keep you turning pages long into the night only to find new revelations with the rising sun.

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