Illusions of the Heart Revamp

As with my previous post, I am heading to a few writer’s conferences to hone my craft and become an even better story-teller. As I look forward to my goals and the future I want to make for myself one word at a time, I look back at my first work. The one that made me fall in love with the sport of writing (think Olympics and run with it).

I have had a few individuals purchase and read my first novel and although they enjoyed it and prompted me to create a sequel, which I did but it’s still a work in progress (‘WIP’), I have also been informed about small errors throughout the book. Mainly spelling or using the wrong word which I completely own as it is my work and I should have noticed it better.

Therefore, I have someone who is going to comb through the pages of my novel and look for those mistakes and help me improve the novel better than before. I want this first work to stand out and be the best that it can be.

Illusions of the Heart is my pride and joy and shows how much I enjoy telling a story that has over 100,000 words and 30 chapters. It was something I enjoyed doing and I want other’s to enjoy reading it so until I am sure of where I want the book to be, it will remain on Goodreads, for now unless I change my mind there, but I have it down on Amazon until I have perfected it completely. I thought I had but thanks to loyal readers I see that I still have work to do.

This has also prompted me for any future writing what I can do and should do when it comes to my writing. It’s all about making the experience enjoyable for the reader and that includes without mistakes.

In the meantime I will use this area to continue to talk about my characters and where they are going from here. With other ideas in mind, I haven’t forgotten about where I started and know that the final book to this trilogy is on the horizon.

What do you think of my decision? Do you think I should have done it sooner? Should a writer ignore small mistakes or take measures to correct them once found? Let me know in the comments below.

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