Life Changing Event August 12th

I have emerged from the 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference a much wiser person then I was before I was surrounded by aspiring writers from all genres. The knowledge that I obtained I will share within my literary section. For now I’d like to focus on the title of this blog post, life changing.

Going into the WDC all I could have wanted was what every writer who attended wanted, to get their works in the eyes of readers. Whether self-publishing or seeking representation, everyone had a goal. My goal was to learn. I had a story that I worked so hard on, utilizing NaNoWriMo and coming out with a story I was proud of.

Now it turns out that my hard work is finally becoming a reality. With the assistance of Village Green Media Solutions, I will finally be able to have people read my work and give their honest opinion.

My novel, Illusions of the Heart, is coming out as a soft launch on Amazon’s Kindle. I am excited…nervous but excited. More nervous.

This has been a dream for a long time and I am still surprised that I can finally have someone interested in my story that they purchase it and read it.

This coming Wednesday, August 12th, my work will be available. I know that building a fan base and having people interested will take time but I am willing to work hard to build myself as an author with a story to tell.

There is still so much to be done but for now I will wait for Wednesday with open arms. Below is a picture of the cover and a very brief synopsis.



The lives of six people become entangled in this steamy romance set in the city that never sleeps…

…Stay tuned for more

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