My First Time…

Last night I went with friends to see the World Wrestling Entertainment Live Event in Los Angeles. As I sat there, familiar with some wrestlers and completely unaware of others I started to think of the first time I really started getting into writing.

A huge fan of wrestling, back when it went by another name, I use to watch their storylines and wanted to write my own scripts that I could see them acting out on television. Wrestling is all about entertaining but also about scripted events that are acted out, similar to a soap opera, but with more hand to hand combat.

I grew up during the Attitude age of wrestling so the characters I knew and loved are either running the company, part time in the company or no longer in the company. I would sit down and watch an episode and say “I bet I can come up with a better idea then that.” I would write out scripts for potential romance and feuds between two or more characters. I’d include everyone, men and women, and could envision the crowd overjoyed by the different turn of events.

Not sure how great an idea it was back then and I never shipped it out to the actual company to try it out but it was fun to allow my creativity to shine. It was from  here that I ventured out into other areas of writing which included fanfiction of my favorite shows.

What was your first time writing? A specific genre? An actual television show? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Writing!

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