‘Illusion of the Heart’ Main Characters

Illusion of the Heart is an urban romantic story. It follows the story of two roommates, Tamara and Imani, who move to the Big Apple and the plight they discover within their lives as they juggle family, love, sex, secrets and heartache.

Tamara, is a voluptuous model who is an independent woman that doesn’t hide how she’s feeling. She moves to New York City from Atlanta to fulfil her dreams of being on the runway. Her steady world is turned upside down by a mysterious suitor and though Tamara lets him into her life he won’t let her into his leaving her to make a tough decision: follow her heart or walk away.

Imani is a busy columnist for the gossip magazine. Her company, in the middle of aggressive expansion, will do what it takes to get to the top. Imani, willing to do help in anyway is flabbergasted when she is assigned an impossible story. Upset and vulnerable she hashes out her anger with her boss but the conversation ends with a tryst on her desk leaving more questions than answers. The story and her potential love life pulling her in all directions, how does she cope when another bombshell is dropped at her feet?

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