My Thoughts: First time Author – Week One

A week ago today I officially became a published author. To some, that’s worthy of an applause. To others it may be considered not that big a deal. It is a big deal, to me at least.

Seeing my book, Illusions of the Heart, on Amazon for the first time was an amazing feeling. One thing I learned though was to handle anxiety. Horrible anxiety.

I would find myself logging into my Amazon Author Central portal and checking to see where I was within the million of books that are on Amazon. I wanted to see how many books I sold, if any. I constantly checked like it would change within minutes. It was the excitement that lured me to that page every hour just to see if things have changed from the last time I visited.

I would have co-workers, who received an email from my manager about my newfound status as a published author, ask me how many books I sold and after getting this questions I few times in a row I began to really look into how I should be in regards to this anxiety.

For starters, I stopped visiting the portal constantly. I am not a well known author, if anything, I’m still a nobody trying to get people to notice something that I am passionate about. Maybe one day I will have that kind of fan base but until that point I am just sitting on the sidelines. Mind you, I do check but not as often as I did prior.

I’ve taken time to focus on working on the sequel which I am very excited to start. I am looking to hopefully get this one done in the same fashion as my original book.

Last week was my excitement toward being published. Now I am waiting for my first real review. Someone who has read the book and is grateful and willing to offer advice, praise, dislike. Honesty. That’s what I am looking for. I take this opportunity, as I did when I was only writing, to improve. There is no telling how far my ability can take me and I’m willing to continue to learn as much as possible to grow in this wonderful area of creativity.

Final thoughts?

Well, I’m still excited and proud of my accomplishment but I’m not stopping here. I want to get better, I want people to recognize my hard work and become inspiration for anyone who wants to grow and let their imagination soar.

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