Nanowrimo 50K in 24 Hours


The impossible (for some) was attained yesterday, Day One of NanoWrimo. I set a goal to write the entire word count in 24 hours. That’s 50,000 words!

I started at midnight and wrote well past time shifting backwards (extra sleep baby, yeah!). I went to bed, setting my alarm and was back up with the sun to switch the venue up. My home is nice to write in but I tend to get a lot more done when I’m at my favorite spot. Starbucks. Okay, it’s not original and I really should switch it up since there are other places but it’s convenient. 

Getting my tea and baked good I ate then hit the keys. Typing away. I tried to keep everyone up to date with Twitter posts on my progress. I must say though, that this round of writing went a lot smoother then my first time last year. 

Perhaps it was because of my planning. Or maybe it was because I  knew where I wanted my characters to go. I have no idea but I have to say as I was writing it I was getting excited. I tried to keep my inner editor silent with hot tea and it worked to some degree. I was able to truly get into the story. An erotic romance is hot enough but when you add betrayal and fighting you’re left sitting there like “…what the heck is going on.” In a good way of course. 

Heading home I went right back to bed. I made sure to balance my time between getting sleep when my body wanted it, drinking tea and coffee when my body wanted it and eating. I tried not to eat anything heavy as doing so would put me right back in bed. Once I was up, I was up and right back in front of the computer. 

Three hours before midnight hit and the day would officially be over I not only hit 50,000 words but I surpassed it. 

Just like last year, my book is not complete. I went to the Nanowrimo forum and posted my accomplishment and say some other’s had also made it well past the 50,000 word goal. Some with completed books. 

Since my book is nowhere near complete I have given myself another word count goal: 90,000 words. 

Last year I ended my book around 100,000 words after edits and changes. I know you’re supposed to cut when editing but adding was also a point I made during last year’s novel. No idea how this time will be but I’m excited to get there.


So, to everyone who met the 1,667 goal, 50,000 goal and everything in between I raise a glass and toast your accomplishment. Let’s keep writing. Let’s keep creating. Let’s keep moving forward. 

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