NanoWriMo – Getting Ready

Today I logged into the NanoWriMo website and it felt like I was just there one year ago. I can’t believe a year has past since the last time I was on the website. Last year was my first year and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t explore the site as much as I should have and when I did anything I said was always pages and pages from when the post originally began.

This year, the NanoWriMo boards are just starting to fill up so taking time to view every post so far I’ve looked at the areas of interest.

Nano Artisans – This is one of the busiest areas throughout NanoWriMo’s forum. There are so many talented men and women here that it will make your mind spin. Looking for a cover? Looking for a calendar to keep you on track? Looking for sketches of your characters? This is the place to be. I had a cover made for my story last year. It wasn’t the one I used as my final product as my agent took care of that for me but it helped me really see my book for what it was, a book, not just me aiming for 50K words.

Beyond 50K – This is an area that people aim for on day one. Day One! Last year as a newb I was surprised. I mean, the goal was to reach 50K words in 30 days but there were people who already planned to do it all in one day. I couldn’t believe it to be possible but people did it and it made me want to try it. I have actually decided that I will go for that goal on day one. Not sure if I will do it but I will come close. That’s a promise.

Sections for almost every genre: Love to write mystery? Erotica your passion? Romance the key? They have a section for all of them. Talk to people who share the same love for you. I will spend time in these areas more to get to know different writers.

There are a lot more to see, more then I can list here. I suggest that everyone travel over to the NanoWriMo website at and see what all the fun is about.

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