Nanowrimo Kickoff 2015


Yesterday I made the 40 plus minute drive (due in part to traffic) from Los Angeles  —-> Pasadena to attend the 2015 Kickoff Session for the Los Angeles chapter of Nanowrimo. Once there,  we went into meet mode. 

All seats were taken, and by that I mean there were so many people there that the seats allocated to us for use were taken.

We started by participating in a Scavenger Hunt as only Wrimos can give. This wasn’t your normal hunt. This one asked questions such as:

  1. Find someone who can name 3 Noir movies
  2. Find someone who is participating in Nanowrimo for the first time
  3. Find someone who know and can explain the plot bunnies
  4. Find someone who used the traveling shovel in their novel
  5. Find someone who is writing a murder mystery
  6. Find someone who ate smores during  Camp Nanowrimo


Etc Etc. 

In the beginning a few people remained seated, enjoying the tasty food and delicious beverages but soon it was nothing but ‘Excuse me’s’ as everyone started walking around trying to fill up their sheets. It was interesting to get some of those questions answered. I for one can honestly say I could not explain real insight into plot bunnies or knew what the shovel was about but when I met people who knew they explained it to me.

From there I was able to secure a few wrimo user names so we can chat on the Nanowrimo website. 

There were awesome prizes and great handouts to obtain as well. 

It was amazing to meet so many different writers who are writing different stories. A few shared their story and we all prepared for the week ahead. As my first wrimo meet up I must say it was great. There is a midnight kick off on Saturday as time turns (not talking about daylight savings but that’s coming too) into the start of one of the most carpel tunnel months ever. 

Have you ever attended a Nanowrimo Kickoff in a different region? How did that one go? Let me know. 

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