Self-Publish Authors told to Strip by Amazon


Earlier I made a post expressing joy toward completing my first manuscript. As I am in a grace period right now, pulling my eyes away from all 90,000 words I decided to surf the web and look for anything that has to do with beginner writers. I came across the following book while surfing one of my favorite websites, Amazon:



I thought this would be interesting to read, or consider a good read, but then I noticed something of interest. Kindle Unlimited. I don’t own a Kindle but that doesn’t mean I can’t read Kindle books as the Kindle app takes care of that. I was intrigued to learn more about Kindle Unlimited which states that you can read over 700,000 books for $9.99 a month.

As someone who is not published, self or traditional, found this to be interesting so I decided to read articles about Kindle Unlimited.

What I found made me cringe as a potential self publisher.

According to the New York Times writers who are self published on the site are finding that, with this new service, their earnings are being cut, severely. How? Well, with readers purchasing to read a multitude of books for $9.99 a month, that means authors are only receiving a cut of that which amounts to about $1.40, and that is IF their books are being read.

One noticeable quote that caught my eyes was the following: “Six months ago people were quitting their day job, convinced they could make a career out of writing. Now people are having to go back to that job or are scraping to get by. That’s how quickly things have changed” -Bob Mayer, an e-book consultant and publisher. 

I never said that I would quit my day job if I was picked up by a traditional house or self published because I feel it isn’t realistic for right now, for me.  That being said, for others they may have decided that this is what they want to do for a living, writing, and not having to contribute to a steady 9 to 5 job.

I’m sure Amazon has their reason for bringing Kindle Unlimited to readers. If you think about it, as a reader, this is something that cannot be passed up. Paying for so many books at a given time can be, and is, costly. This program let’s you have so many options for the amount you will pay for one book.

That’s through the eyes of a reader.

As a writer I can see why there are authors that are disgruntle. No one likes to have their pay messed with. I wouldn’t want it to happen to me while I’m working a steady job so I can’t imagine how it impacts someone who writes for a living and depend highly on getting much more than $1.40 dollars based on someone actually reading your book.

As I move forward in the coming month to edit and transition my novel to being prepared for the masses I will continue to look down the avenue of self publishing and keep my eye on the changes that happen throughout this channel.

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