That ‘Newly Published’ Feeling.

Inside_Out_-_Emotion_Poster_Collaboration   I really enjoyed seeing Inside Out in theaters. Why? Because it explored the different emotions a person can go through at any given point throughout their lifetime.  Having just recently, as of yesterday, become an officially published author I have had a lot of my friends ask me the same question.  “Estelle, why aren’t you jumping in the air? You should be more excited!”  I guess I’m not giving off as much of an excited emotion unlike those around me. You’d think they wrote the book and got it published. Ha! I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression. I am EXTREMELY excited. I mean, I started writing when I was young, like most writers, and sure I always thought maybe I could possibly be a writer but then I became swept in having a grow up and live a sustainable life which meant going to college to obtain a degree that paid money to pay bills.  I still do that, I’m even crafting this post during a lunch break, but I realized I can do both. I can be an author and still hold down a 9 to 5 job. Writing is something I love to do. It is where my heart is. Everyone has their own things that make them happy whether that’s a family, children, new sneakers, newest electronic devices, season tickets to a game (you get the idea). I am on an emotional roller-coaster right now and, though I’m not a roller-coaster lover, I am not looking to come down any time soon.  I am excited and nervous and slightly scared all the same time. I’ve read so many posts where people have stated that once your book is out there then it’s out there. You open yourself up to the world to get praise or to get jeered. You have to have thick skin.  I have that, to some degree. I won’t pretend everything bounces off my shoulder but I know that with critics come the ability to improve and I always want to improve in everything that I do.  I honestly cannot answer which emotion an author should have when their work has finally reached the masses, no matter how it gets there. However, there is one thing that should be felt and I feel it now.


If nothing else, I know that I have achieved an accomplishment within my lifetime and whether my book, Illusions of the Heart, does well or not (but let’s be honest here, I want it to do well) I know that I have done something that has shown people that where you start off in this journey of life is not where you’ll always end up. Success, big or small is still success and you should enjoy it, even if you aren’t sure the right way to express  yourself. 

 Congratulations to all those starting to write, in the middle of writing, looking for representation or already published (whether traditionally or self published). You’ve achieved something within your life whether you initially know it or not. 

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