Thought of the Day – Can’t v.s. Can?


The first post in thought of the day goes to distinguishing the can’t from the can’s. Better known as the can not from the can do. 

If there is one word that people tend to use on a regular basis is ‘can’t’. “I can’t…” “We can’t…” “She can’t…” “He can’t…”

I won’t lie. I’ve used the word countless times so I’m not perfect, nor am I saying you shouldn’t use the word. Use the word. It just depends on WHEN you use the word.

If there is something that you are unable to do based on a physical incapability then I can understand that. Like, if I asked you to lift a 2015 Honda you probably can’t do it. Maybe if this was a moment of fight or flight but I digress  😀

But if you are using this word, can’t, for things that are within your control then that’s where I’m going to need you to take a moment to pause and reflect. 

The word, can’t, should never be used in relation to your dreams. If you want to do something in life then do it. Sure, sure, you may say that there are things that can stop you from following your dreams so you have to say that word. Things like not enough money, no one to help you get to where you want to go. Those are good but you should never let anything hold you back from what you want to do.

If money is an issue then hit the web, research a way to make money (legally of course. Let’s not loose our dreams for doing foolishness) and even if you are making a dollar or less a day in extra money, that’s still a dollar or less more then you had before. Find people who share the same interest as you who might know someone who can help you move forward. We live in an age where the web is first and foremost (sad but true) so you can always find someone who shares almost the same likes as you, if not your complete likes. 

Following your dreams will take time. There is no miracle to make time go faster but don’t let that word can’t hold you back. Instill in your mind that you can become a author, you can become an artist, you can become someone that you want to be. 

Reverse your can’t to can and you’ll not only feel a huge accomplishment in your life but you’ll never want to go back to that word again…unless it slips out every now and then and if that’s the case just put on your most innocent face and say “Oops!”


I’m Estelle. These are my thoughts and I’m sticking to them!

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