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My initial thought when I created this blog was just a place to write whatever I wanted when I wanted. I enjoy doing that but I’m looking to re-evaluate myself and what my blog can become. Once I published my book, I took that as my way to speak out on how I reached that platform and I still have a lot of posts to do in order to give the full details. 

Now I’m looking toward what my next sought after path will be as it relates to what I do. On Saturday, October 10th, I went to a writing conference and received great advice on what I can do to get myself out there. 

One of the main things spoken was asking to do blog posts for other blogs or to have other people provide a post to your blog. I had thought of that before but I never thought it was something I could do. That was my mistake. The worse thing someone could say to you is no but the best thing they can say is yes. 

Since we are coming up on Nanowrimo, the best time of the year, mind you, I am making sure I am very active on the blog. Last year I dabbled a bit. It was my first year, wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I am diving in so I am doing something I didn’t do before.

Second, I plan on offering myself up to book reviews, get that going again, but this time seek out those authors and ask them if they wouldn’t mind if I read and reviewed their work. I may even thought in an interview here and there. I think that can give up and coming, as well as seasoned, authors a way to get their voice heard. 

I am really considering all avenues and want to not only show myself that there is a lot more that I can do but to help others have a place where they can speak and be seen. 

I may be comfortable doing certain things but it’s time I change all of that and look to help others. Who knows, that may also help me as well. We all learn from each other, in some way or another.

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