Traditionally from the Old School


Definition: According to the dictionary, Publishing (Traditional Publishing) is defined as

1. Preparing a book, music, or other material for public distribution, especially for sale.
2.  To prepare and issue a work or works by (an author).
3. To bring to the public attention; announce.


  1.  Authors get an advance
  2. The publisher pays for editing, design, printing, and distribution of the book.
  3. Publishers have experienced staff to support the needs of the book
  4. Traditional publishers will  improve an author’s book making sure it is ready for the public.
  5. Authors can get media appearances
  6. Traditional publishers can guide an author in regards to supply and demand and ensuring there are copies in circulation.
  7. May be able to score a book tour through the publisher’s team


  1. It can take several book agents for an author to land a publishing deal.
  2. It may take  several years for an author to get published
  3. Advances , if given, are may not be large for new authors
  4. If an advance is given then it must be paid back through the sale of the book
  5. If an author’s book doesn’t sell well the books can be taken from bookshelves.
  6. Bookstores can  return a book at full discount.
  7.  If an author’s book sales are bad, publishers may not given the author a second chance at a deal

Final Thoughts

Traditional publishing has always been a staple in the big bad world of publishing. For years, authors around the world have fought tooth and nail to get their works in the hands of what is known as the big six.

Although there are great pros there are also cons to traditional publishing. Having an agent is great in regards of having someone to assist the author, watch their back. I see it as someone invested in you as the author and in your work that you love. Having someone in your corner such as a publisher or agent is key to the success of an author.

Although it can take several years to get a publisher’s interest and several disappointing rejections, it is all apart of the process. It is a learning experience that can help an author and eventually you will garner an approval and a person in your corner, giving you their full support.

Traditional publishing gives you a back and forth between the agent and the author. You can contribute, if the contract allows, and bounce considerate ideas around in order to improve the book’s value in the eyes of the reader.

A great place to start for any author, new and old, Traditional publishing has been around for a long time and will remain for some time to come.

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