What does it mean to publish in 2015?


For a long time Traditional Publishing was known as the only single equation that all authors had to learn in order to get published. The equation was:

Complete manuscript + query letter + submission = consideration for publishing

For many of the big houses, this is still the traditional way to embark into the world of traditional publishing. For many, including myself, we are brought up as this being the only way to truly see our books out into the hands of others around the world.

However, this is 2015 and there are more ways to publish then ever before.

The king of publishing, traditional, now has to share the spot light with three other contenders for the crown.

As seen on the chart above, publishing has gone a long way, introducing digital, self and print on demand publishing.

Over the course of the week I will take an in-depth look at all four of these avenues that authors travel down and will discuss the following:





Final Thoughts

I look forward to reviewing the options authors have and learning something new along the way.  Look forward to the first post, Traditional Publishing coming soon…

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