Get to Know Estelle Chisolm

Estelle Chisolm is the breakout author of Illusions of the Heart, (currently being revamped) a steamy and seductive romance novel set in NYC. The lives of six people become entangled in a gripping and alluring mystery.

Estelle Chisolm is a brand new author and blogger. She was born and raised in Bronx, New York and currently resides in Inglewood, California. She is actively honing her writing career by attending various writing conferences such as the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York and Los Angeles.

She has obtained a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master of Science degree, proving that the sky is the limit toward enhancing education. When not working on her next novel, she can be found here, discussing the wonderful world of writing.

Follow her on Twitter @Scr1bbleScrib3_ to stay up to date.


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