Writer’s Digest Conference – 2 days and counting


This weekend is a huge weekend for me as a writer and for my career.

Friday, July 31st marks the first day of the 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City. I have attended small workshops for writers but not in the same setting. I have attended conventions based on comics and animation and it is during these events that they sometimes have workshops for people of all careers, writing being one of them. I have learned a lot during these events but I am certain it will not compare to what I am about to discover in two days.

Arriving early, I am curious to see what I will experience at this event. There will be so many writers, editors, publishers at this event that it makes my head spin.

Now that I have a publishing company and am close to publishing my own, first novel I will not be partaking in the annual pitch slam or looking for publication of any time but I will love to take this opportunity for other aspects such as:

  1. Meeting other Writers – This is a huge HUGE undertaking I am looking forward to. Although I am somewhat a introvert, I am hoping I can swap information with other writers and have other people around the world who I can discuss writing tips, quotes, etc. Here in Los Angeles, although I am sure there are people who share the same ideals I usually only speak to one person. I’m looking to speak to a lot more this weekend.
  2. Teachings – There will be a lot of award winning, best selling authors who will be presenting different messages to those hoping to one day stand behind the podium, speaking our story. They have a lot of knowledge and I am looking to absorb it all and use it to create.
  3. Touring the City – Although I was born and raised in New York I have lived in California for quite some time. In the time I lived in New York there are a lot of things I have not seen before because I always figured I lived there so I can see it whenever (which turned into never) so I am looking forward to going out and exploring the city.

This is one of two actual writer’s conferences that I will be attending. The second conference will be here in Los Angeles in October for one day full of workshops.

As far as the WDC New York conference goes, these are the workshops I will be attending as of this post:

Friday, July 31

  • NYC Guided Literary Walking Tour
  • Great Writing! Great Story! Author Platform?
  • How to Build Authentic & Compelling Characters
  • Plot Perfect
  • Opening Keynote: An Hour with Jonathan Maberry

Saturday, August 1

  • Writer Beware: Schemes and Scams in the Digital Age
  • From Blog to Agent to Book Deal: What All Writers Need to Know About Using Their Blog to Succeed
  • Setting: More than Creating a Sense of Place
  • After the Book Deal: All the Things You Need to Know about Book Blurbs, Marketing, Social Media and the Publishing Process
  • Getting Discovered: Putting Your e-Books on Libraries’ e-Shelves
  • Scene Stealer: Master Strong Scenes to Build Page-Turning Stories
  • Central Keynote: Behind the Books
  • Networking Cocktail Reception

Sunday, August 2

  • How to Leverage Your Blog Content into a Successful Book
  • Writing Your Way With Scrivener
  • Amazon for Savvy Authors
  • Closing Keynote: Nail By Nail: A Carpenter’s Guide to Building the Debut Bestseller at Midlife
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